But I don’t want to say GOODBYE!

In this poignant and heartfelt book, author Ta’Shay Mason expertly crafts a tender story about how to make peace with the death of a parent…by honoring them.

Through soft and soothing words, the author weaves a story that shares both the commonality and uniqueness of loss, with the mother and child coming up with their own special way to honor and remember their beloved family member.

But i don’t want to say GOODBYE! is a perfect book to help any family experiencing grief and also for those young readers who might need help in understanding someone else who is going through a loss. The death of a loved one is never easy to understand, let alone speak about.

But for a little girl whose father has just died, the hardest thing is figuring out how to say goodbye. As Mommy makes funeral arrangements and tries to figure out the best way to say goodbye to a man who was loved by many, the little girl must find her own way to come to peace with her father’s death.

As the funeral gets closer, will she find a way to say goodbye?

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It’s OK to be Happy!

Jazmine was able to say goodbye to her daddy at his funeral, but she still has so many questions.

Why did her Daddy die? How can she move on without him? And is it okay to be happy again?

With Mommy’s help, will Jazmine find a way to remember her daddy and still live her own life? Or will she be sad forever?

Jazmine Doll

Hand-knitted doll; character from “A Child’s Journey Through Grief” series. Created in Australia. Size: Approx. 7in