Helping a Child Process Their Grief

It’s not easy to express one’s feelings when they are dealing with grief and loss, especially children. When it comes to grief and loss, there is no time limit. Children can grieve just as deeply as adults;  however, it can be a challenge for them to express their feelings. They can also change moods quickly (i.e. from crying in one moment and playing the next). It does not mean they finished grieving. It is important to explain to children that feeling sad, angry, anxious, etc. is normal. To help children process their grief, it is important for them to have outlets. This can include telling stories, reading books, drawing pictures, creating a scrap/photo book, therapeutic horseback riding, children support groups, etc. It is also important for caretakers to take care of themselves (i.e. therapist/counselor, self-care, reading books, grief support groups, therapeutic horseback riding, etc.). Spending time together as a family can help during the grieving process. There are local and national grief organizations and churches to help children and adults through their grief.

National Alliance for Children’s Grief: 

Children’s Grief Awareness Day: 

Heal Grief (for adults) 

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