Author Ta’Shay Mason is an Army Veteran, portfolio management specialist, and loves writing.

She volunteers as a group grief facilitator. She believes in inspiring others through storytelling. Her writing has helped families deal with grief.
As a child, she experienced the acute loss of her father; and her inspiration for the A Child’s Journey Through Grief series comes from her personal journey.

In sharing her message of overcoming grief, Ta’Shay hopes that readers with a similar experience can identify with the story’s family, learn a creative way of memorializing a loved one, that grief is a process and takes time, and that having a healthy and open conversation about death is helpful to that process.

Once she completes A Child’s Journey Through Grief series, she will write other children’s books covering various subjects.

When Ta’Shay isn’t busy writing stories for children, she enjoys reading books, listening to a variety of music, and collecting vinyl.
She loves to hike and travel and spend time with her family, including her relatives, her fur baby—an English bulldog named Bella—friends, and fellow veterans.