A Child’s Journey Through Grief

A Child’s Journey Through Grief series follows Jazmine, a 9-year-old girl who is processing her grief over the death of her father. The series comes from Jazmine’s point of view. The reader will follow her emotions as well as her process. Jazmine’s learns how to celebrate her father’s life while learning positive ways to cope as she navigates through her life. In the first book, But i don’t want to say GOODBYE!, Jazmine discusses her feelings and learns how to celebrate her father’s life with the help of her mother. Jazmine and her mother have conversations about their feelings and what a funeral is. In the second book, It’s ok to be Happy!, Jazmine learns different ways to cope with her grief, (i.e. support group, equine-assisted therapy, creating a picture book, etc.). In the third book, Let’s Celebrate! (Coming in Fall 2023), Jazmine continues her journey as she is establishing a new “norm” without her father (i.e. recital and birthday party). She continues to receive validation and comfort from her mother and her aunt while trying to move forward.

These books were created to help families experiencing grief to have the tough conversation about death and provide examples of ways to cope through a loving story about grief and loss.  

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